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I am Mitsuharu Yoshikawa, President of Sakura Club.

Do you know that you can get healthy by drinking Ujicha and also get the Japanese traditional culture .

Ujicha is one of the high-grade brand among Japanese teas.
We will present you this high-grade brand tea to have it simply.

One of the remarkable feature of Ujicha is playing a role in maintaining the health with its rich flavor as Japanese saying that medicating and eating are the same things.

Since the civilized societies make mind and body unbalanced,we strongly recommend Ujicha to recover the balance.

As written in “Health Benefits” about the efficacy of Japanese green tea to the health, Japanese tea, especially Matcha contains various nutrients and components and has been proven to contribute to human health and beauty.

376fb03af8886f1d67cc126d113f3e29_m Matcha effect
1. Relaxing Effect
Matcha contains flavorful ingredients called L-theanine which suppresses excitement and reduces tension.
It also leads to greater concentration and improved memory.

2. High tolerance for stress
Matcha contains four to seven times more Vitamin C than mandarin oranges and makes you resistant to stress.
3.Fatigue recovery
Matcha helps relieve fatigue, increase energy and prevent drowsiness with its ingredients of caffeine.

4.Aromatic effect
Matcha contains aroma components and thus can be used as aromatherapy.

5.Prevention of bad breath
Matcha contains Vitamins, catechin and flavonoid which prevent bad breath.

6.Lots of Good-for-women effects
Matcha has effects of keeping beautiful skin, losing weight, preventing constipation and alleviating the feeling of cold.

7.Prevention effect
Matcha prevents cold, flu, cavity, food poisoning, cataract, cancer, stroke, and aging etc.ocha_kyoto_p_1

With such excellent effects, I think I can say that Ujicha is not just a drink but is considered as some kind of medicine although we shouldn’t take large quantities of the tea like medicine.

Japanese people have taken such tea on a daily basis over hundreds of years.
It is also true that tea has had multiple effects on Japanese culture and nationality.

We recommend you to drink Japanese tea if you want to understand Japanese people or wish to become Japanese ; there, we can feel the flavor of Japanese culture and art.

People all over the world sit and chat while drinking Japanese tea---we hope such a peaceful day will come.